We provide

Fast. Secure. Reliable server.


Every server you build includes a comprehensive and powerful platform based firewall

Total Control

CPU/memory/disk space, provision additional resources whenever you require

Do More

LoadBalancer, Snapshot, Backup and Managed Support keep everything running smoothly

Nas Storage

A low cost storage for server backup and long term archival. NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage is available to all servers

HTML5 Console

Permanent HTML5 KVM Console for all servers for out of bounds admin, as well as Recovery Mode

DDoS Protected

Basic DDoS protection is included without extra cost



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We will be rebooting Singapore data center location server farm to apply Meltdown and Spectre patches. Estimated do… t.co/sby3omoYq2

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Yes you can run databases in containers - #SQLServer on #Docker EE t.co/NS8W7Kydes via @docker

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LarvaLink EN

🆘Ransomware 'Petya' author has released the master decryption key of all past Petya version.